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With over 80,000 real estate salespersons in Ontario, it seems that just about everyone knows someone in real estate.

Sometimes the path to finding a real estate agent is short. A family member or friend refers someone and you just go with that. Sometimes that works, but often enough it just doesn’t. Who you, your uncle, or your boss randomly knows may not be the resource you need. It’s worth it to dive deeper to more objectively find the right match. 

Tell me what’s important to you and we’ll get started immediately.

It’s easy, thorough and 100% free of cost to you. 

Experience that works with you


I am Lisa Hickling, a registered real estate practitioner  in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with experience in regulatory-related real estate education, property technology, user experience and interactions, and of course, real estate rentals and sales. 

As the starting point of your real estate experience, working with me is a lot like using an in-house recruiter or HR department to find the talent that will deliver your purchase or sale. Get help pre-screening real estate salespeople to find what you need–the best fit. 

The Matching Process


The right connection drives better results. Confidently start your real estate journey with an introduction to quality agents who work, with my hands-on help along the way. 


To begin, summarize your goals for your purchase or sale, your service provider preferences and any other requirements that are unique to you.


Receive your options of trusted local specialists who match your specific needs and meet high standards of service, knowledge, value and professionalism.  


Get acquainted through an introduction and outline of why we think they are a great fit–no obligation. Need a few more options? Let us know and we’ll get on it!

We've got you covered, anywhere in Ontario


Leading the search for sensible home and real estate services in Peel Region, the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario.

Moving within the GTA?


Trading the Lakeshore West GO train for the East train? Heading to an L postal code from your M postal code? How about a short move across town from a newer subdivision to a tree-lined mature address with a full backyard…or the reverse?

Let me help you to find an agent who is active in your current and destination markets or to find separate resources in each location.

Moving to the GTA?


Welcome to Toronto and it’s suburbs! Join the Greater Toronto Area in the move toward its seventh million resident. In this cosmopolitan city, neighbourhoods are as diverse as they are welcoming.

Find a local real estate expert who will get you closer to family, work, or play.

Moving from the GTA?


Responding to the age of employment flexibility and the new normal post-COVID lifestyle?  Ready to trade cozy downtown condos for the roomier estates of mid-sized cities and towns?

Let me guide you to real estate service providers that can help you accomplish your move.

Getting started in small-town Ontario

Get on your way with solid insight on Ontario’s mid-sized cities and small-ish town neighbourhoods from trusted Realtors who have their boots on the ground in your destination market. 

Find the real estate agent who can help you bridge the gap in your transition from city slicker to country citizen.

Start planning your next address


Narrow your destination then let us do the rest. Our fully registered service team will contact you for more information on your goals.

Get started with the no cost, no obligation way to your next address.  

Start planning your next address


Narrow your destination then let us do the rest. Our fully registered service team will contact you for more information on your goals.


Get started with the no cost, no-obligation way to your next address.

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